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One of many reasons (Vitastore) exist, is to help. Because lifestyle changes promote good Health which is Great Success.
Years ago, when I was a young man my attitude towards health was to be concern with what goes into the body. Of my friends and associates I believe I was one of the few who considered the effects unhealthy practices on the body.
As the years roll on I began to realize the difference health challenges of friends and associates as compared to myself. For this I thank God because my arrival at the decision to exercise healthy habits, I believe was just a blessing from God.
This consciousness has allowed me to make more discriminating choices when it comes to my health. In addition, my wife and our circle influence cause us to realize the ills of the health care system. It is either we have a deliberately ignorant system or just stupid. People are allowed the become pawns in Big Pharma game. Once you’re ill you’ve entered the kill zone, and it is relentless.
Now I must admit I am not a health practitioner and thank God for that also I am not brain washed into believing a system that delivers our love ones over to reckless behavior of greedy multi nationals.
And I know that not everyone considers the health care system as very dangerous to their health but by raising the question, I am hoping it will allow you to make better decisions in:
Prevention: Better Health Practices
Treatment Choices: To consider Alternations to big pharma

If the information provided helps a few I am happy to help, now and then we will provide offer from great alternative health products which may assist in promoting better health.
To all subscribers this a great way to educate yourself on nutrition and a maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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