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Immunotec is a Canadian wellness company, with 40 years of track record

With corporate offices in Montreal Canada, Mexico  City and Houston Texas, is currently in more than ten countries across the world.

It is recognized as one of the fastest growing direct selling , offering a solid opportunity for Health and wellness and financial success.

Immunocal their flagship product raises your level of Glutathione in the body was developed more than 40 years ago by  World renown scientist Dr. Gustavo Bounous and Patricia Kongshavin.

It is Globally recognized and have had several scientific publications, immunocal contains  a natural protein which have been scientifically and clinical  proof to raise glutathione.

Glutathione performs dozens of important functions, but the four most important  being

Essential nutrition for the body’s immune system

  • A key detoxification enzyme
  • Maintain Energy at the cellular level
  • Its is known as the master antioxidant on which all antioxidants depend
  • Immunocal is a delivery mechanism for Bonded Cysteine which is a limiting factor for the body’s ability to make glutathione.

Benefits of raising Glutathione:

  • Maintains a strong immune system
  • Help manufacture antibodies
  • Helps to increase muscle strength and enhance performance when combined with regular exercise
  • Increases energy and physical performance. Immunocal influence on the body overall health. Everyone whether young or old, healthy, or not so healthy will receive a benefit from taking regular  consumption of Immunocal, it is vital building block in the quality of life.

World Class scientific Backing:

There are multiple scientific publications on  this product.

  • More than 60 published research articles by renown doctors and scientist
  • Clinically tested
  • Cited and respected sources of information such as the PDR and CPS
  • More than 40 years of scientific research
  • Health Canada NPN (Natural Product Number
  • Backed by world renowned scientist such as Dr Jimmy Gutman
  • The world leading authority on glutathione
  • Immunocal is included in major US and Canadian medical reference books PDR and CPS
  • Immunocal is backed up by evidence-based science
  • Amazing consumer results

Immunotec A Real Opportunity to Create the life You Want

With Immunotec there a real possibility to improve your lifestyle and to provide help for others to develop a World Class Business which operates in more than ten countries across the world.

Consider this the Immunotec Opportunity is a network Marketing that comes with the recommendation of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and economic experts.

Networks marketing is a well-established business model, more and more people are generating extra income and are achieving financial goals.

Advantages include:

  • Scientifically validated  products
  • More than 40 years of track record
  • Immunocal is sold for more than 20 years
  • Global growth and a vision to expand
  • Business Income opportunity
  • No direct competition and it a product that everyone needs
  • Support that backed by support team to promote success
  • Both National and International business growth potential

Live the life of your dreams and will have time freedom to enjoy it achieving financial goals without money being  a limiting factor to.

To Start your business, you have several options I have included a small sample of the possible combinations here are a3 such possible options:

  • The Health BBB Pack
  • Health Booster BBB Pack
  • Silver Jump Start Pack

 A unique selection of products that are recognized the world over, and a professional back office and business centre to run your business from. As Independent a consultant these packages are designed to give a head start into the world of international business ownership.

Note: All packages do not include shipping and applicable taxes.

The Consultant’s welcome kit is not included and can be purchased at an additional cost.

7 Different Ways to Profit with this Business:

Business Builder Bonus

The business builder bonus is paid out to a consultants if in any  given month the consultant has managed to recruit and signed up business associates:

1 person the commission paid is $53.00

2 people the commission paid  is $160.00

3 people the commission paid is $399.00

4 people the commission paid is $532.00

5 people the commission paid is $665.00

There is no limit on the number of people you can enroll  monthly and for each new consultant you are paid a commission,

Immunotec have provided a simple and sure solution of how to recoup your investment with the first month of being in business, but there is more you’ve manage to build a team in concert ensuring a wining scenario for client company and consultant all at the same time.

Rank Advancements

Immunotec have designed the program to motivate Consultants to remain focus to their own goals and vision and have therefore incentivize the earning potential through Rank Advancements. Monthly points are accumulated to determine qualifications:

Silver 6000 points

Gold 30,000 points

Diamond 125,000 points

Executive Diamond 500,000 points

Platinum 1,500,000 points

Senior Platinum occurs whenever there is at least one platinum in your team, a smart incentive to allow consultants the opportunity to invest into the teams below them as well.

Team Commissions

Immunotec design of the Team commission structure, a consultant can earn from purchase made by hundreds or thousands of people, it is a true example of Network Marketing working for the individual. The goals and dreams which attract many network marketers are very possible with this kind of commission structure. With a business that is not just local but have an international presence.

Every team earns commission from purchases by consultants and customers with the consultant’s organization. Since the points-based system the activities that generate points will directly impact your earnings, but these results are not just your personal points, but the results generated by your team also.

Moving Up & Accelerated Bonuses

The accelerated bonus is given to the consultant who has acquired the ranking with these allotted time

Silver 2 months

Gold 4 months

Diamond 18 months

Executive diamond within 12 months

Platinum 24 months

Consultants can earn up to $126,000 for achieving the Platinum rank within the accelerated manner. Nevertheless, moving up bonuses is paid regardless of how long it takes to achieve it.

Sponsor Moving Up & Accelerated Bonuses

 Similar to Accelerated Bonuses the accelerated Sponsorship bonuses  are paid out to in this manner:

Gold 4 months

Diamond 8 months

Executive Diamond 12 months

Platinum 24 months

A consultant is paid up to $46,000 for each Platinum in his organization

Bonuses are earned whenever a team member achieve a new rank, that is same as the consultant or higher. Your moving bonus is paid regardless of how long it takes to achieve it, and this always paid as many times as someone with the consultant’s organization achieves a new rank.

The typical Canadian consultant in 2016 earned $123.00 in commissions, this excludes retail profit earnings. Typical earnings are calculated is based upon the average earnings of a rank or ranks which represents at least 50% of the total number of Canadian consultants within the company at Immunotec. Venture rank is given whether or not the consultant  has received any commission.


I only attempt this review because I am a believer in building a strong immune system. The supplement offered by Immunotec are world class and they are highly effective. I been a user of the products and I would be happy to discuss what product I have used and the results. That being said I was not convinced of the business until now.

Network marketing have been the a real draw of mine since the early 2000’s however my approach to it have been somewhat hesitant, because I really wanted to present to my teams members a winning strategy that would attract the best and business minded individuals.  I am now convinced I have not only a winning business but also a winning system to deliver leads consistently into your pipeline of prospects. Feel free to click the link to learn more about the business and my leads system. You can go wrong if you do the work. Immunotec is a good buy.

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