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If you want to build a bigger and toned butt, this article will show you the best exercises to shape your butt without weights.

You don’t need machines or weights to build a bigger and firmer butt. Bodyweight exercises can shape your butt. And the good thing is that these exercises will allow you to stay in shape whether you’re at home or on the road.

Don’t assume that these exercises are for women only. Men need strong glutes too. We use glute muscles in every movement – climbing stairs, running, lifting things and so on. Plus, strong glutes prevent forward pelvic tilt, thus preventing lower back pain and bad posture.

Here are 12 exercises for a bigger, firmer, and toned butt, you can do without weights.

Donkey kicks

This is a hip extension exercise that helps keep the spine and pelvis in neutral position. Donkey kicks usually target the lower back and the glute muscles. Most beginners should be able to perform this exercise.

How to perform

Start in all fours position. Keep the spine and neck in neutral position. Keep hands below shoulders and knees below hips.

Lift one leg off the floor (keep it bent) and raise it as high as possible.

Lower it to starting position to complete the rep. Finish reps for one leg before switching legs.

You can wear ankle weights to make the exercise more challenging.


Side lying leg raises

Side lying leg raises will help make your butt rounder because they eliminate saddlebags. This exercise targets the muscles on the outside of the upper quadriceps.

How to perform

Lie on one side with your head resting on the bottom hand and feet on top of each other.

Keep both feet straight and tighten the core. Lift the top leg about 45 degrees off the floor.

Lower it until it almost touches the bottom leg then lift it gain.


Glute bridges

You’ve heard me talk of glute bridges numerous times. Well, this exercise strengthens the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. It can also help correct arched back posture.

How to perform 

Lie on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees. Rest your palms flat on the floor.

Push through the heels to lift your hips as high as possible. At top position your hips, knees and torso should be aligned in a straight line.

Squeeze the butt at top and hold the bridge for 2 seconds.

Lower the butt until it slightly touches the floor, then bridge again.



Squats are definitely the most popular butt exercise. Squats activate the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and lower back muscles. It’s worth noting that doing different squat variations will help build a bigger and toned butt faster. Here’s how to perform air squats.

How to perform

Assume a shoulder width stance and extend both arms out in front.

Squat as if you’re going to sit on a chair and keep the torso upright. Make sure the knees don’t extend past the toes as you squat.

Descend until the thighs are parallel to the floor then rise to starting position.

Note that deep squats will activate the glute muscles more.



This compound exercise mainly targets the hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. By the way, lunges are perfect for fat loss since they activate the biggest muscle groups.

How to perform

Stand upright, keep feet together and place hands on the hips.

Lunge forward with the left leg then bend the front and rear knees until they’re at 90 degree angle. Make sure the front knee doesn’t extend past the toes.

Rise as you pull back the front leg to starting position. Alternate legs after each rep.


Glute march

This is a more challenging variation of the glute bridges. It activates the glute muscles more because it forced you to support the body with one leg.

How to perform

Lie on your back and bend your knees at 90 degree angle. Place your palms on the floor.

Raise the hips until they’re aligned in a straight line with the torso and knees.

Hold that position then lift the left leg (keep it bent) until its hip is on a 90 degree angle.

Slowly lower the left leg to starting position then lift the right leg. Keep alternating the legs.


Bird dogs

You have to add this exercise to your routine if you want a strong core and a bigger butt. Bird dogs activate the glutes, lower back and ab muscles. Realize that you may not perform this exercise perfectly the first time you try it since it requires balance and stability.

How to perform

Get in all fours position. And keep the neck and spine aligned in neutral position.

Extend the left arm and right leg until they’re parallel to the floor.

Return the arm and leg to starting position. Complete reps for one side before switching sides.


Hip thrust with elevated shoulders

You have to add this exercise to your routine. It activates the glutes more than glute bridges and squats. You can make it more challenging by elevating the feet and shoulders.

How to perform

Face upward and place your upper back on a chair or bench. Keep your feet flat on the ground.

Place your hands on the head then lift the hips as high as possible.

Squeeze the glutes at the top then lower the butt to starting position and repeat.


Single leg glute bridges

Advance to single leg variation when glute bridges become easy. This variation activates the butt muscles more.

How to perform

Lie on your back and keep both knees bent and 90 degrees. Place your palms on the floor.

Lift the right leg and straighten it. Make sure the right thigh is in line with the left one.

Now, slowly lift the hips as high as possible and then lower them to starting position.

Complete reps for one leg before alternating.


Step ups

This is a great butt exercise that also helps build balance. It mainly targets the hamstrings and glutes. Grabbing dumbbells or kettlebells with both arms can make step ups more challenging.

How to perform

Stand upright with one leg placed on a bench or chair.

Push through the heels of the top leg to lift the bottom leg off the floor and step on the bench with both feet.

Bring one foot down to return to starting position. Complete reps for one leg before alternating.


Stability ball leg curls

A stability ball can help make your butt bigger and firmer. Leg curls tone your butt and hamstrings.

How to perform

Lie on your back and place your heels on the stability ball. Keep your palms on the floor.

Push your hips off the floor and keep the body straight from shoulders to heels.

Pull your heels to bring the ball as close to your butt as possible. Hold for 2 seconds then reverse the movement to return to starting position.

Lower your butt to the floor and repeat.



This exercise will help stabilize your pelvis and tone your butt. I may also not that clamshell helps lower risk of lower back injury. In fact, this study found that clamshell is the best exercise for strengthening the hip, to prevent injury.

How to perform

Lie on one side and bend both knees at 45 degrees. Keep the heels together.

Raise the top knee as high as possible without moving the pelvis or lifting the top heel.

Lower the knee to starting position to complete the rep.


Final word

These exercises are all you need to shape and strengthen your glutes. Start with the simple exercises then advance to more challenging ones as your glutes get stronger. Realize that glute muscles are just like any other muscle – the more you challenge them, the faster they’ll grow.

Which bodyweight exercises do you use to tone your butt?



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