Big Gut Syndrome

Beer Belly, Big Gut or Excess Fat Around Your Waist?

Dr. Daniel Nuzum details the whys and how to dysfunctional hormone metabolism. A toxic liver just might be the reason you are seeing those excess pounds around your gut.

Did you know you estrogen and your thyroid are antagonists?

Dr. Nuzum explains why your body might be producing an excess of estrogen and why an estrogen dominance might be the cause of your recent weight gain.

Fun Fact! Your colon is an eight-to-ten-foot-tube and has the compacity to expand four times its diameter. Watch the video to learn how a overgrowth of candida might just be the reason for your expanding abdomen.

Do you know how often you should have a bowel movement?

Find out why a diet that regularly detoxifys the stomach can result in smaller waist size.

Learn more about the natural power of frankincense and myrrh and how these two herbs were used for thousands of years to help reduce the swelling of the stomach.

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