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Good News for Men Over 40 Years

MAGISTRAL for Men Only is a popular biotechnology product developed by Immunotec.  It is a potent, herbal  preparation made in liquid form from plants and natural ingredients. It was especially developed to meet the needs of mature men to help maintain their sexual vitality and quality of life. This is a profoundly serious topic, but […]

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The Symtoms & Causes of Inflamation

Bear in mind that, when tissue swells up due to an inflammatory response.  The swelling causes the tissue to push on nerves, and you have a pain perception there, eg: when you exercise, intense exercise may causes an inflammatory response. If you encounter this problem whenever you exercise and your knees hurt it means you need

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Big Gut Syndrome

Beer Belly, Big Gut or Excess Fat Around Your Waist? Dr. Daniel Nuzum details the whys and how to dysfunctional hormone metabolism. A toxic liver just might be the reason you are seeing those excess pounds around your gut. Did you know you estrogen and your thyroid are antagonists? Dr. Nuzum explains why your body

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Bring On the Broccoli – My Fitness Tips

Bring On the Broccoli by · Published · Updated They may be chock-full of nutrients, but exotic vegetables like celeriac and Jerusalem artichokes don’t always appeal to more traditional pallets. And that’s fine, according to Dr. Oz, who says broccoli is his all-time favorite produce. [wpbanner cat=77 slider=”yes” move=”10″ slidespeed=”40″ width=”1116″ sliderpadding=”0px 0px 0px 0px

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