Why Choose Essential Oils?

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Why Choose Essential Oils?

September 29, 2017

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In a world of fads, why should I care about essential oils?

I shudder when I think back to the first job interview I had after graduating college.  I couldn’t tell you what it was for but I can definitely tell you my fatal error.  Everything was going well until the interviewer asked where I saw myself in five years.  I value honesty so I honestly said that I was hoping to have at least one kid by then and stay home with them, raising them to be wonderful little people.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.  No one wants to hire someone who’s already planning on quitting.
Fast forward a few years to the interview for the last job I had before… well… having a kid and staying home with him, raising him to be a wonderful little person.  I was asked the same question – where did I see myself in five years.  Since I still value honesty, I wasn’t about to lie and say that I saw myself working at an Ear Nose and Throat doctor’s office.  Instead, I said that I saw myself in a position that was helping others.
It’s only been four years since that interview but I’ve been thinking recently about that question in a job setting.  Yes, I’m a stay at home mom and yes, I’m helping the world by raising some amazing guys, but there’s also a desire in my heart to do a little more – contribute a little more financially to my family – but I only want to do that if it’s somehow helping others.

After a lot of thought, panicking, backpedaling, excitement, and tons and tons of prayer, I have decided to become an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils!!!  Eeeekkk!!!

Please don’t write me off as ANOTHER person who’s fallen into the Essential Oil or MLM wormhole.  I’m actually so skeptical of Direct Sales/MLMs but trying out Young Living’s oils for a while has convinced me that everyone needs oils in their lives!  Hear me out and maybe you’ll decide oils are for you.

In a world of fads, why should I care about essential oils?

Why Essential Oils?

I’m willing to admit that I’m a wanna be hippy.  I mean, for goodness sake, I lived in Portland, Oregon for eight years and that city is all about being hippy.  That being said, I’m also a super skeptical person.  I don’t want to invest in a fad if it’s not actually going to benefit my life.  I’m also SUPER cheap.  Like, super cheap.
My dive into essential oils began a few years ago when I got a few bottles of EO at the drug store.  I think it was peppermint and tea tree oil.  I used them for various things but didn’t really see any benefit and felt like they smelled a little chemically.  I wrote essential oils off as a crazy fad and called it good…  More on why that was later…
About eight months ago a friend started selling Young Living and, knowing that I’m a wanna be hippy and all about my kiddos’ health, asked if I wanted to learn more about them.  I’m always willing to learn and ALWAYS wanting to support my friends’ small businesses so of course I agreed.  Long story short, after a few conversations, a few classes she hosted, and a lot of hemming, hawing, and eye rolling, I decided to get myself a starter kit and try the oils out for myself.

Oh man was I wrong about oils being a kooky fad!  The more I use the oils and the more I learn about them the more I realize that there’s actually science behind them!  I LOVE science behind things!  You guys, oils have been used for thousands of years with amazing results and it’s only recently that western medicine (which I still love and am totally thankful for!) has entered the scene.  Why ignore what worked for so long?Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants.  The oils are distilled out of plants and, as we use them, affect our bodies at a cellular level!  It’s crazy!  Everything we put in our bodies and on our skin affect us in some way – in 22 seconds molecules reach your brain, in 2 minutes molecules are in your blood stream, when applied topically they have affected EVERY cell in your whole body in 20 minutes!!!  That makes me rethink what I’m putting on my skin, inhaling, and ingesting!

There’s too much to go into on oils in a blog post but I have online events coming up to get more in depth on oils!  I’d love to have you join me!

In a world of fads, why should I care about essential oils?

Why Direct Sales/Multi Level Marketing/Whatever You Want to Call It?

Although I totally support my friends who decide direct sales are for them, I’ve been pretty skeptical of it myself.  I mean, I don’t want to hound friends and family for sales.  I don’t want to be THAT annoying person who’s always talking about my business in order to get others to buy in.

When I found something I loved and was passionate about, though, I realized I could totally do direct sales.  Getting to be home with my boys while sharing about a life changing product sounds like a win-win to me and it definitely falls under the category of helping people!  Sure, I might be slower going at it since I’ve committed to not being THAT annoying person but a passion is a passion and I want others to know all about how amazing oils are and how they can benefit their family – removing toxins and promoting health naturally!

In a world of fads, why should I care about essential oils?

Why Young Living?

This is where we get down to the nitty gritty.  Why Young Living compared to so many other oils out there?  Why not just go down to the drug store and get a cheap bottle of essential oils and call it a day?  This is something I’ll be going over in my online classes (sign up to get notified of the next one!!!) but I will share a little with you!  In order for an essential oil to be considered “pure” by the FDA, it only has to have 5% of the actual oil in it!  WHAT!?!?!?  Yeah, the rest of the bottle can be filled with whatever else the company wants like alcohol or other chemicals!  Gross!
Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise that means they have a hand in the growing, distilling, and bottling of every single oil.  Those oils are held to rigorous standards and go through all sorts of testing before ever packaged up and sold!  You can KNOW that you’re getting an amazing, truly pure oil if you’re shopping through Young Living.  Only a pure oil can truly give the benefits you’re looking for!  Check out more info on the Seed to Seal promise here!
Beyond their absolute purity, it’s awesome to know that Young Living has cleaning supplies, supplements, beauty products, and so much more – all of which is held to the Seed to Seal standard!
In a world of fads, why should I care about essential oils?

What About You?

Maybe you’re like me and need to some convincing about essential oils.  I get it, I REALLY do!  You’re my person!  Feel free to email me (susannah.kellogg @ with any question or, better yet, join me for my next online class!
If you’re already sold on the idea, congratulations!  I’m so excited that you’re starting this journey of wellness!  I’m sure you want to get the best bang for your buck so here’s what I’d recommend doing…
1.  Sign up to be a Young Living wholesale member.  You DO NOT have to want to sell oils in order to do this!  (Although, if you want to, I’d totally help you out!)  Being a wholesale member means you purchased a starter kit and you get 24% off Young Living oils from now until eternity.  That’s it.  Nothing fishy.  No obligation to buy anything else.  The end.
2.  Purchase a starter kit.  Young Living has a few various starter kits and you’re welcome to start out with any of them, but I would recommend the Premium Starter Kit if you’re new to oiling.  It comes with 11 amazing oils, a diffuser, and tons of extra trial sized goodies!  If you bought all the items separately they would total around $350 but the starter kit is only $160!!!!  (As long as you get one of the basic diffusers.  If you upgrade your diffuser, the cost goes up too…  But it’s still a fantastic deal!)

3.  Wait for your oils to arrive, dig in, and start oiling!

In a world of fads, why should I care about essential oils?

Since I’m selling these now, obviously I’m gonna want to let you know how to order through me!  Just head here and make sure my name (Susannah Kellogg) and my number (11645835) are what’s showing for the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID!  Choose whether you’ll be a wholesale member (ALWAYS BE A WHOLESALE MEMBER!!) or a retail customer (still good but doesn’t get you 24% off).  You’ll then be on my team and I’ll be able to share all kinds of oily goodness with you!
Your Turn:
Have you tried essential oils before?
Want to join my Young Living team!!???!

Essentials Oils – Natures Precious Reward

Essential Oils: Nature’s Precious Present Have you at any time questioned what is the purpose of fragrance in bouquets and other plant areas? They are the vital oils. But in addition to the aromatic component, the crucial oils also incorporate plant hormones and some other compounds. The crucial oils are highly powerful at lower concentrations. They have significant outcomes on plants, animals as effectively as insects. The primary explanation of this is that the important oils are very historical compounds that were created by the very historical crops and have been created ever since. The animals existed with the vegetation from the commencing. This long expression of co-existence has caused them to answer to these essential oils in some way or the other.

The essential oils are extracted these days by expression, steam distillation or solvent extraction. The last process of important oil extraction even so kills some of their therapeutic and other values. This renders them less powerful. These solvent extracted crucial oils are available in the market at a lower value. Even so, they are much less effective and therefore less a good idea. In the distillation approach of extraction, h2o and steam are utilized to eliminate the oils out of clean or dried plants. Solvent extraction employs the use of a solvent like alcoholic beverages to extract the essential oils.

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Essential oils have been described in the very historical literature. These oils ended up used in the times lengthy back again in the Egyptian civilization. They ended up also getting used in the historic India, Rome, and many others. The crucial oils were normally used as a supply of perfume in the historical days. The Egyptians had huge devices for extracting the Vital oils. As they were utilized in a variety of other reasons and have been pricey to find the money for, the essential oils have been also referred to as ‘Precious oils’ in the ancient times. Their use in religious rituals also assigned them the title of ‘sacred oils’. Nonetheless, the essential oils name exists now.

The therapeutic worth of essential oils is admirable. In the up to date period, they have been employed initial by a French Chemist in remedy. This kind of therapy was coined the phrase ‘aromatherapy’. The aromatherapy is utilized even today, since most of the vital oils effect in a much enjoyable way on human wellness. Currently being all-natural, they will not typically result in a side impact. However, some may possibly have adverse consequences.

The vital oils can aid in the cure of nervousness, melancholy, tiredness, memory troubles, complications, insomnia, and so forth. They at times demonstrate an unbelievably rapidly action. This is since they can very easily enter by means of the skin and even by way of the cell membranes into the cells. One of the most crucial employs of some vital oils is that they improve the entire body immunity. To know a lot more about essential oils, remember to pay a visit to us right.

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